6200 Pro Stock 4x4 Truck Rules

Class Representatives: Bret Powell, Colten Kopp

  1. All general truck rules apply to this class.
  2. Cubic inch limit is 485 Cubic Inch Displacement (CID) (1% tolerance on the pump).
  3. DRC 1 & DRC 2 motors allowed.
  4. No digital boxes allowed.
  5. MSD ignition box must be sealed. One hook grace period allowed. If use 1 hook grace period prize money check will be held until box has been sealed.
  6. 16.5 wheel or smaller
  7. Block must utilize stock OEM per brand bolt pattern with an exception for additional bolts along lifter side of head or exhaust side of head. Must also use per brand OEM bore spacing.
  8. Any head must be able to bolt on an OEM block, example: Chevrolet 396-502, Ford 352-427 or 429-460, Mopar 383-440.
  9. Intake must be derivative of an actual cast aluminum single carburetor intake and should show a casting name or brand or part number.
  10. Solid rear suspension allowed.
  11. Headers must go straight up and out of hood or down and straight back.
  12. If the bed is cut out, it must be covered.
  13. All trucks must have side shields from the frame to the bottom of cylinder head.
  14. An aftermarket transfer cases are allowed.
  15. Any rear axle is allowed.
  16. All weights must be securely attached to vehicle with leading edge being no farther than sixty (60) inches in front of centerline of front axle and 8 inches off ground.
  17. Hood may have holes for headers, and air cleaners; air cleaner may not extend more than 3 inches above hood line, measured horizontally from the rear most part of the hood. Carburetor must be below hood.
  18. Drawbar hitch is mandatory. Hitch height to be no more than 26 inches. Hitch must be frame mounted. Straight plane, 25 degree angle max. Centerline or below if hooked to the rear end. Hitch point not to exceed 36% of wheel base. No transfer type hitches. Hitch point must have an opening of 3 inches. Rear bumper bars required.