Front Skid Plate Specification Rules

  1. Tractor Skid Plate-Front axle skid plate specs for all tractor classes.
  2. Skid plate must be mounted in line with each frame rail and extend from the center of the front axle forward (on both sides) equal in strength to frame rail material. Skid plate surface to be a minimum of 4 inches wide and 12 inches long with minimum 6 inch curve when measured from the front most part of rolled edge.
  3. Note: Skid plate must be able to support weight of the front-end when checked with a jack. Maximum ground clearance is bottom of front wheel rim not to exceed 4 inches with front tires in normal operating position.
  4. Front axle support to be made of 2.00" x .095" chrome moly tubing or 2.00" x .120" mild steel tubing or same material as tractor frame rails. Front axle support should connect to each frame rail inline and extend toward front of tractor. Front skid/front axle support should have radius to prevent digging into track. Front axle support frame should be strong enough to support front end weight of tractor support should have a maximum of 4" ground clearance.
  5. Component Style Front Axle

    Component Style Front Axle Diagram

    Standard Tractor Style Front Axle
    Approximately 4" Ground Clearance

    Standard Tractor Style Front Axle Diagram