6200 Super Street Truck Rules

Class Representatives: Ken Bracht, Larry Weidinger, Bret Powell

  1. All general truck rules apply to this class.
  2. The cubic inch limit is 468 Cubic Inch Displacement.
  3. OEM iron cylinder heads. NO hemi heads
  4. Single carburetor, limited to a 4150 style flange.
  5. No dry sump oil systems allowed.
  6. No rear shocks allowed.
  7. Shock mount to be in factory location on front axel or no more than 6 on the front side of the axel.
  8. Factory OEM cast iron intake, NO added materials (plastic, epoxy, brass, aluminum, etc.,) anywhere on, in, or under intake. Spacers are allowed. 2 inch maximum adapter from carburetor to intake plus two inch gaskets.
  9. Can have headers, Exhaust must exit rear of cab.
  10. No blocked rear suspensions or traction bars, chains, cables, or devices on front or rear, other than OEM. One vertical bolt in springs on rear springs is allowed.
  11. Shackles or spring hangers must be in place and functional, NO blocks on frame or shackles to limit suspension system travel. No welding of springs, can clamp springs, clamps cannot be longer than 3 inches, 4 clamps per side.
  12. You can run a bumper or a draw bar style hitch. If pulling from rear bumper the bumper must be mounted to rear of stock frame. Can have bracing from center of bumper to frame rail, but can extend no further that 24 inches forward from end of frame. Pulling hitch must be mounted to the bumper. Can pull from a twisted clevis or similar device, (horizontal L hole). Hitch must be no more than 26 inches high and at least 36% of wheel base from center of rear axle. 36% of the maximum allowable wheelbase (133 inches) is 47.88. Hitch bracket shall extend not more than 2 inches above frame rail at attachment point. Hitch brackets must be constructed of 2 x 2 x minimum metal. Forward edge of hitch brackets shall not extend no further than 24 inches forward of hitch point.
  13. No visible weights beyond factory bumper in factory position. Weights may hang 6 inches below bumper and covered by a 6 inch air dam. Bottom of weights minimum of 8 inches above ground.
  14. No fiberglass body. Body must be stock appearing; front bumper must be in stock location, can have 6 inch air dam below front bumper. No cut out beds.
  15. Truck must have complete body less tailgate.
  16. OEM transfer case and axles: 1 ton max, no other style rear ends allowed.
  17. Small block motors will be able to run aluminum dual plane intakes, no air gap style, and no external modifications. The cubic inch limit on small block motors will be 383. They can only run OEM cast iron heads and an OEM cast iron block no aluminum heads or blocks.
  18. A 4150 base 4 barrel carburetor max.