General Contest Rules

  1. Vehicle registration will be $100 per class until June 2, after it will be $150. Registering your vehicle in your secondary class allows you to vote and run for end of year points in your secondary class. All vehicles must be registered with MMTTPA to earn points. Driver registration dues will be $75 until June 2, after it will be $100. As a registered driver, you may drive any vehicle that is registered with MMTTPA. Members pay a $30 hook fee. All non-members can pay a $60 per day hook fee (one time hook fee) and will receive no points. Membership dues are to be voted on yearly at annual rules meeting.
  2. All pullers are required to be signed up 60 minutes prior to start of event. Failure to do so will result in a $20 late fee. Call-ins or texts to 573-291-2968 will be accepted for all classes up to and including day of event. Numbers will be drawn by MMTTPA Board Members at the sign-up table in the presence of random MMTTPA pullers.
  3. There will be 1 vote per registered pulling vehicle, per registered class (max 2 classes) with paid membership that pulled at least 40% of that said class during the current pulling season.
  4. Vehicle must participate in at least 50% of the shows to receive end of year points money. If the number of shows is an odd number MMTTPA will round down to determine the number of shows to qualify for 50% of the shows.
  5. Must be present at rules meeting to vote.
  6. There will be no "ties" in points awarded. If, at the end of the year, a point tie exists in a class, it will be broken by the puller who has the highest number of wins, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  7. Current W-9 must be on file with MMTTPA treasurer to receive prize or award money.
  8. A sanctioned pull must use a dirt track no less than 30 feet in width and 300 feet in length, if possible. This track must be maintained and packed with a box blade and roller during the pull.
  9. Registered Driver will be designated on the class signup sheet. Registration to pull in a class must be made and hook fee’s paid in full prior to the first official hook to the sled in that class. Change of Registered Driver without notifying registration table prior to class start will result in a disqualification.
  10. The lineup will be posted at the scales. It is each pullers responsibility to be ready when it is their turn to pull. Failure to be ready to hook in three minutes, unless for the case of mechanical trouble, will be cause for disqualification. It is the pullers responsibility to notify the track judge of trouble or they will be disqualified.
  11. Vehicles traveling the furthest distance before being stopped will be declared the winner of their class, if running a floating gate. At any point during a class the sled can be re-weighted, at the determination of sled operator and the track judge: due to safety or competition purposes and all entries will be allowed to pull again, if mechanically possible.
  12. Ties will be determined by a pull off, or if both pullers agree by a flip of a coin.
  13. All pulls during the contest will be measured by laser or electronic measuring system on sled as backup.
  14. The option puller will be the first puller to go past 100 ft. The option puller will come back 6th.
  15. Pulls are stopped by the following:
    1. Forward motion stops; excessive digging will not be allowed.
    2. Entry is disqualified by the track judge.
  16. A pull is not ended as long as the vehicle is hooked to the sled, or ruled so by the judge or the flagman.
  17. Activation of kill switch while vehicle is still hooked to the sled; the first time vehicle will be allowed to re-pull, 2nd time measurement will be taken.
  18. The following acts will be cause for disqualification:
    1. Vehicle goes out of bounds before the 300 ft. mark, not to include sled. After 300 ft. there is no out of bounds.
    2. Starting under the red flag.
    3. Excessive jerking on sled not allowed.
    4. Hands and feet will be clear of all controls during hook up or unhooking to/ from sled, except for breaking. Motor shall be at idle while hooking. No revving of engine.
    5. Vehicle discharging excessive liquid on track.
    6. Driver does not wear safety equipment, as specified in class rules.
    7. Coaching on the track (inside the white line) by anyone associated with the pulling vehicle is not allowed.
    8. No profanity. Use of abusive language or profanity towards track officials, track staff, sponsoring club members, or MMTTPA board members.
    9. Speeding on the track or thru the pits.
    10. If you come loose from the sled because of breakage.
  19. If a puller is disqualified for any of the above acts they will get 6 points (hook and show).
  20. Each puller has the option to spot the sled.
  21. Markers will be used to mark out of bounds.
  22. Contestants are allowed two attempts only. If puller makes an attempt to stop, on his first attempt, before the 100 ft. mark, but travels past it, a re-pull will be allowed at a track judge’s discretion. If a puller commits a violation on his first hook, that is cause for disqualification: puller is disqualified, and no second attempt will be allowed.
  23. Each vehicle may enter in two classes only.
  24. Official protest will be allowed.
  25. A tech check does not constitute protest.
  26. Un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. If a driver or machine is suspended the driver and the machine are suspended for up to 1 year and one day at the boards discretion. After the suspension period the board will re-evaluate the driver and machine.
  27. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed before hooking to the sled. Judges or board members governing the contest have the right to disqualify.
  28. No vehicle is to be left running and unmanned once it has been driven off the scales and into the staging area. Judges or board members governing the contest have the right to disqualify.
  29. Any Registered Driver under the age of 18 must submit a Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.
  30. All vehicles must be weighed at scale on premises. At this time, each vehicle shall be subject to a tech check consisting of, but not limited to, weight, hitch height and safety requirements (per specific class rules).
  31. If during regular tech check, a potential violation is discovered, the tech representative shall bring information to attention of a board member. The tech representative has the authority to remove the vehicle from line up until puller can prove otherwise. Dispute on tech check issues shall be ruled on at the scales by an authorized tech committee person.
  32. A puller that has signed up will not be allowed to drop out of a class to avoid a tech check of his vehicle in that class. It is the pullers responsibility to confirm compliance with the rules before entering a class.
  33. Pulling vehicles must be able to drive onto the track and backup to sled under their own power.
  34. Weights can not hang any closer than 8 inches from ground.
  35. All pulling vehicles must be equipped with a working white reverse or back-up light when vehicle is in reverse.
  36. No passengers allowed to ride in or on any pulling vehicle.
  37. The MMTTPA Board reserves the right to randomly check turbo’s at any pull for any class throughout the year at the boards and/or class committee’s discretion.
  38. Any vehicle signed up for the class found with a turbo that does not fit within the turbo rules for that class will be suspended for a year and a day. Vehicle is subject to be checked after they are signed up for the class. If they drop from the lineup and/or decline to be checked, they will be suspended for a year and a day. Note: A tech check does not constitute a protest.
  39. The puller and 1 person will get in the pits per pulling vehicle.