General Tractor Rules

  1. Hitch point of drawbar cannot exceed twenty (20) inches above level ground.
  2. Hitch point must be at least eighteen (18) inches back from center of rear axle.
  3. All weights must be secured on tractor; any object falling free of tractor during the pull is a disqualification, with the exception of breakage.
  4. Wheelie bars must be able to support the weight of the tractor and be less than ten (10) inches above ground.
  5. Factory sheet metal must be in place to cover engine compartment.
  6. All tractors must have a wide front end.
  7. All tractors must have front skid plates, excluding the 11,000 Hot Stock class. Skid plate must be mounted in line with each frame rail and extend from the center of the front axle forward (on both sides) equal in strength to frame rail material. Skid plate surface to be a minimum of 4 inches wide and 12 inches long with minimum 6 inch curve when measured from the front most part of rolled edge. Note: Skid plate must be able to support weight of the front-end when checked with a jack. Maximum ground clearance from bottom of front wheel rim not to exceed 4 inches with front tires in normal operation position.
  8. Must have a 2 ½ lb. fire extinguisher and be mounted within arm’s reach of the driver.
  9. Throttles must be of a dead man type setup or (double spring return to idle). One spring on hand throttle, and one on carburetor or injection pump.
  10. Tractors must be equipped with a working air shut off (diesel engines) or ignition kill (gas). A 2 inch ring must be attached to the end, and be positioned 48 inches above ground, and be no more than six inches off center and must be able to be pulled from the driver’s seat and be able to freely be pulled completely away from tractor per sled requirement.
  11. The exhaust pipe must have two (2) 3/8 inch bolts crossed to prevent turbo parts flying out.
  12. PTO shafts must be covered or locked out.
  13. All tractors will be equipped with a SFI certified clutch blanket.
  14. All pullers are required to wear a fire jacket, fire pants, fire gloves, a full faced DOT approved helmet and neck brace, fire shoes or leather shoes. Alcohol tractors are required to wear a fire proof head sock.
  15. Tractor rear end and transmission must be stock appearing OEM, agriculture type. Using OEM adaptor plates.
  16. Tractors must be equipped with full side shields that cover engine below crank shaft centerline, excluding the 11,000 Hot Stock class. They must be a minimum of .060 inch thick steel or aluminum. They must be easily removed.
  17. Must have inner side shields made of 1/4 inch aluminum or 1/8 inch steel.
  18. Draw bar must be equipped with a steel hitching device not less than 1 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch square (1 ½ round stock) and with a round hole minimum of 3 ¾ inch diameter. Hook from sled must freely fall into hitch.
  19. Tractors must be equipped with a functioning kill switch to disable the ignition system of a gasoline engine or an air shutoff system on diesel engine. Kill switch must be in an easily accessible location.
  20. All tractors must be equipped with roll cage and 5 point harness excluding the 11,000 Hot Stock tractor class.