6200 Pro-Street Truck Rules

  1. All general truck rules apply to this class.
  2. Cubic inch limit is 473 Cubic Inch Displacement (CID), allow a 1% (4.73 CID) tolerance.
  3. One carburetor, no sheet metal intakes, no tunnel rams.
  4. OEM production cast iron heads only, No hemi heads.
  5. Open exhaust okay. All exhaust must exit down and straight back with the end of the exhaust parallel to the ground.
  6. Must run stock appearing frame and body. Cut out beds allowed, but must be covered. OEM cab & doors mounted solid to frame. Everything else can be fiberglass.
  7. Can have solid rear suspension.
  8. Drawbar hitch is mandatory. Rear hitch location must be no closer than 36% of wheelbase to center of rear axle and maximum of 26 inches high.
  9. Must be OEM type transfer case, 1 ton max. Front axles may be no larger than 1 ton. You can run any rear end.
  10. No weights beyond factory bumper with bumper in factory position.