5900 Classic Modified Tractor Rules

  1. Weight 5900 lbs.
  2. All tractors must be neatly painted.
  3. Appearance: Tractors are intended to look like stock farm tractor that has an automotive V-8 neatly installed.
  4. No extended or widened hoods.
  5. Raised carburetor enclosures are allowed.
  6. A maximum of 410 cubic inch using one (1) OEM cast iron automotive block and cast iron heads with a 1% tolerance.
  7. No overhead cams.
  8. Enhanced electrical systems are allowed.
  9. No magnetos.
  10. Electric water pumps, electric fans, and electric fuel pumps are allowed.
  11. No tunnel ram or sheet metal intakes.
  12. No flap or rain cap type covers on exhaust.
  13. Tractors are to be naturally aspirated with a single gasoline carburetor.
  14. No nitrous oxide, water, or alcohol injection.
  15. No nitro methane or methane fuel additives allowed.
  16. 18.4x38 tire size maximum. Any cut and any rim width.
  17. Stock frames or like replacements are allowed. Example: Tractors with cast iron tub chassis may convert to side rail frames or tube frames.
  18. Transmission, rear end and axle housings must match factory sheet metal, dash, and hood.
  19. No lengthened or widened hoods.
  20. All tractors must have a wide frontend.
  21. Centerline of front axle may be no more than 12 inches in front of OEM axle location.
  22. Batteries and fuel tanks may be remotely located in front of grill.
  23. No part of tractor including front weights may extend more than 11 feet in front of the centerline of the rear axle.
  24. Weights may not extend beyond the rearmost point of the rear tires.
  25. Adjustable draw bars must be stationary in all directions.