General 4x4 Gas Truck Rules

  1. No fuel tanks, fuel pumps or fuel lines inside the cab.
  2. If the battery(s) are inside the cab, it must be safely enclosed and securely fastened down.
  3. No radiators, weights or water hoses allowed inside the cab.
  4. No electronic traction control devices.
  5. A 2 ½ lb. fire extinguisher must be mounted in the cab within easy reach of the driver.
  6. Seat belts are required and must be worn when the vehicle is pulling, and while on the track. 4 pt. harness is mandatory.
  7. Draw bar must be equipped with a steel hitching device not less than 1 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch square (1 ½ round stock) and with a round hole minimum of 3 ¾ inch diameter. Hook from sled must freely fall into hitch.
  8. Hitch point to rear axle centerline must be a minimum of 36% of wheel base.
  9. Hitch must be secured to vehicle frame and rigid in all directions. No cables or chains allowed in hitch mounting. Any movement of hitch up or down will not be allowed.
  10. No cam type rear ends.
  11. All drive line u-joints to be enclosed in 360 degree’s shield 1/8 inch thick steel or 3/8 inch thick aluminum. Shield should be close enough to joint to restrain any broken parts. Joint should not be visible from side, top or bottom.
  12. Each drive shaft must have a minimum of two (2) loops. If a vehicle has a shaft between transmission and transfer case no longer than 24 inches, one (1) loop properly centered, will suffice. Two piece shafts must have four (4) loops. Loop location to be no less than six (6) inches and no more than twelve (12) inches on solid end of shaft and one (1) inch past stub on end with slip joint, or three (3) loops evenly spaced so that if slip joint breaks, shaft cannot drop. Loop material shall be made of no less than ¾ inch wide by ¼ inch thick, if aluminum, minimum of 3/8 inch thick.
  13. If original design body has side doors they need to be on and closed. Driver’s door must be operational from inside and outside. Tailgates are optional. No flat beds allowed in all truck classes.
  14. All trucks must utilize OEM frame with 133” max wheel base.
  15. All trucks must run DOT 33/12.50 or 305/70 tires will not track past 50% of front to rear width. No barred tires.
  16. Any truck with engine driven fan blade is required to have metal fan shroud and shall be no more than one (1) inch from radiator core and 1/2 inch past rear blade.
  17. Open hood inspection can be done at anytime by official.
  18. Back of engine block may be no closer than 14 inches from center of front axle.
  19. Object falling free of vehicle not properly secured, with the exception of parts breakage (i.e. u-joint cap, etc.) but not limited to will be cause for disqualification.
  20. Front and back glass or plexiglas required. Tinted or shaded windows hindering driver’s vision will not be allowed. Disqualification at the track is at judge's discretion.
  21. No fuel injection allowed in any truck classes.
  22. All pulling vehicles are required to have a steel billet flywheel, steel bell housing and a block saver plate. The flywheel must be made of steel with the following mechanical properties: tensile strength of 60,000 PSI and yield strength of 40,000 PSI. Any aluminum or magnesium flywheel that meets or exceeds SFI specs will be acceptable. NO CAST IRON! Automatics must have SFI approved scatter blanket(s) or shield.
  23. Any type of metal shields to cover all axle bolts is mandatory and must be securely held in place.
  24. All trucks must be equipped with SFI approved harmonic balancer, or have a shield, which will prevent it from leaving the engine compartment.
  25. All vehicles must have a working and operating kill switch and back up light located as close to the center of the back of the truck as possible and easily accessible. If the vehicle is equipped with an electric fuel pump, it is required that the kill switch also kill the fuel pump along with the engine ignition.
  26. All pullers must wear a SFI fire jacket, fire pants, a full faced DOT approved helmet, neck brace, fire gloves and fire proof shoes including leather shoes.
  27. All trucks shall be naturally aspirated.
  28. Must run pump gas, including racing fuel. NO alcohol or nitrous oxide.
  29. Hood scoops is allowed.
  30. No adjustments including tire pressure will be made to pulling vehicle after crossing the scale . If adjustments are made, the vehicle must be reweighed and checked (i.e. hitch height, etc.) before vehicle is allowed to pull.
  31. Firewall must be original or made of material equal in strength. No open holes.
  32. See class rules for specifics on hitch requirements.
  33. Motors will be pumped. Pump needs to be done prior to starting. Zero tolerance on tear down. Prize money will be held until your vehicle is pumped. If motor is re-pumped during year and found illegal you will be suspended for 1 year and 1 day. Have option for tear down to prove legal.