11,000 Hot Stock Tractor Rules

Class Representatives: Jeremy Spradling, Tyler Barnes

  1. 466 cubic inch limit. Any motor over 466 cubic inches must have factory stroke and bore for that brand of tractor, up to a maximum of 585 cubic inches.
  2. The tractor is limited to a single turbo charger you can run a 3LM up to the S300 2.36 inlet. The S300 is limited to a 90 housing with part #177272 or 100 housing with part #177209. Must be out of the box with no modifications. The 360 degree thrust can be installed.
  3. Injection pump can be up to a (P7100) 13 mm barrel and plunger pump max.
  4. Max RPMS – 2950
    • Must have working tack cable with 1 magnet (female connection from tractor) to hook to sled.
    • No spiking of RPM’s allowed.
  5. Tractor must have at minimum a factory ROPS roll bar and seat belt. If running with anything other than a three bar roll cage, tractor MUST have fenders able to support the weight of the driver. Three bar roll cage and five point harness is recommended.
  6. Top cut tires no alterations of any kind to the face of the lug, max tire size 20.8x38.
  7. Water injection will be allowed. No alcohol, propane or nitrous injection allowed.
  8. Only OEM inter coolers can be used but must run through the motor.
  9. All tractors will be equipped with a clutch blanket or minimum 5 inch wide by ½ inch thick steel band around bell housing.
  10. Front axle skid plate and engine side shields are recommended, but are not required. Must have a factory OEM wide front end.
  11. Tube frames are permitted.
  12. Tie bars are mandatory.
  13. 11,000 hot stock tractors will be allowed to hook in the 9500 Pro-Field class under one of the following option
    1. Weigh 9500 lbs. and run under the 9500 Pro-Field rules if, and only if they meet ALL the rules and safety requirements of the 9500 Pro-Field class. (This includes roll cages, steel flywheels, side shields, etc.)
    2. Weigh 11,000 lbs. and run under the 11,000 Hot Stock rules.
  14. Turbos must be checked and sealed. One hook grace period allowed. If use 1 hook grace period prize money check will be held until turbo has been checked and sealed.