9500 Pro-Field Tractor Rules

  1. 640 Cubic inch limit.
  2. Kill switches are mandatory and must be easily reached by driver while sitting. Air shutoff must be spring-loaded closed.
  3. The turbo cannot exceed a Box Garrett 3x3 GT 4202 or a GT 4202R single turbo charger. Must meet 4 different exhaust housing’s but can run any make and model turbo 2.75 and smaller. All tips of wheel must protrude into housing 1/8 inch and slots must measure same as GT42. Any tractor 466 cubic and under can run 3,500 RPM’s and any tractor over 466 can only run 3,000 RPM’s.
  4. Waste gated exhaust housing allowed, but must be altered to look like non-waste gated exhaust housing. All passages internal and external must be plugged.
  5. Must have working tack cable with 1 magnet (female connection from tractor) to hook to sled. CAN NOT tack more than 3000 RPM or 3,500 per tack box during pull.  If the tack box records greater than 3000 RPM or 3,500 RPM during the pull, that tractor will be disqualified, unless the tack box is determined to be inaccurate.  If the tack box is inaccurate, alternate method of checking RPM will be a handheld tack at the end of the track.  Flag official at the end of track is responsible for reading the tack box and for determining which tractors to hand check.
  6. The consequence for exceeding the 3000 RPM or the 3,500 RPM limit are as follows:  (1) first offense is forfeit prize money and all points (max of 16 points) for that class, (2) second offense is the same as for first offense, and (3) the third offense is 1 year and 1 day suspension for that tractor for all classes in which it competes.  The first and second offenses in one weight class do not add to violations in the second class.
  7. P series injection pumps allowed.
  8. No nitrous oxide or propane.
  9. Water and or alcohol injection allowed.
  10. Tire size maximum of 24.5x 32.
  11. Tractor must have side shields covering engine compartment that will contain any fluids or engine parts.
  12. Tractor must have steel flywheel, no cast iron allowed.
  13. Tractors will be equipped with a clutch blanket or steel shield no less than ¼ inch thick and 5 inches wide.
  14. Engine must run on factory designed fuel.
  15. 2 springs to pull throttle back to idle; 1 on pump 1 on throttle handle.
  16. 11,000 hot stock tractors will be allowed to hook in the 9500 pro-field class under one of the following options:
    1. Weigh 9500 lbs. and run under the 9500 Pro-Field rules if, and only if they meet ALL the rules and safety requirements of the 9500 Pro-Field class. (This includes roll cages, steel flywheels, side shields, etc.)
    2. Weigh 11,000 lbs. and run under the 11,000 Hot Stock rules.
  17. Rules locked for 3 years (2013 through the end of the 2015 season).